Import/Receiving Terminal

The final stage of the LNG value chain, excluding the connecting pipelines between stages, is the receiving or regasification terminal which can be land based or recently, via a flexible floating or offshore solution.

Regasification converts the LNG stored in specially-made “cryogenic” storage tanks from its liquid state (-161 C) to a gaseous state by pumping it at high pressure through various terminal components, where it is warmed by passing it through pipes heated by direct-fired heater (closed loop system), seawater (open loop) or through pipes that are in heated water.

The vaporized gas is then pressure regulated and enters a pipeline system as “natural” gas, where it ceases to be an “LNG” and is indistinguishable from conventional “piped” natural gas.  The piped natural gas is then finally use by the residential, commercial and industrial customers of the importing country.

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