Our Strategy

AXIL's Unique Position:

·    Bridges a critical gap in Asia Pacific energy infrastructure development: Early stage project development expertise complemented by initial development capital and previous and current industry relationships

·    Complements efforts of host governments: Seeks to identify and develop commercially viable energy infrastructure projects in the government's investment priority areas

·    Balances the interests of the national and local governments, private sector investors, financiers, lending institutions and other stakeholders such as environmental groups and land owners.

·    Supplements and/or complements other local or international developers for energy infrastructure projects

·    Focuses on commercially viable and "doable" energy infrastructure projects that produce social benefits (improved services, jobs towards a green environment)

AXIL will apply the following consistent and disciplined approach to project screening and investment decisioning:

  • Aligning with AXIL Mandate

·        Establish project commercial viability

·        Ascertain employment generation and social benefit impact

·        Ensure complementarity with Private and Government stakeholder objectives

  • Aligning with Development Partner

·        Secure project commitment

·        Reach agreement on AXIL's developer role

  • Creating a Financiable Development Path

·        Secure equitable regulatory environment

·        Establish visible path to financial closing

·        Negotiate competitive commercial tariffs

·        Ascertain technical feasibility

  • Solidifying Strong Government Commitment and Policy Support 

·        Establish common understanding of AXIL objectives

·        Ensure acceptance of economic user charges

·        Negotiate clear and transparent regulatory playing field for policy and implementation support

  • Crafting Exit Strategies

·        Understand requirements of potential buyers/investors, both short term and long term

·        Address exit valuation and carried equity calculations

·        Arrange investment capital from identified infrastructure funds, strategic partners and lending institutions

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